The Creperie was built by Will Loverde in 2010.

Will Loverde

Will traveled in South America where he was introduced to crepes. He brought these crepes back to Boise and began by making them in the local Farmers Market Downtown. Many of the menu items and names are from his creative mind. (He Dreams of Crepes!) one of my favorite sayings I heard him speak. Will created unique sauces and introduced some pretty amazing things while he ran The Creperie for three years. When the Real estate market began to come back, Will wanted to go back to working Crepes part time in the Market but sold the business to Chris Maxson and his then partner Courtney. The Creperie became The Creperie Cafe as they introduced Coffee, Tea and Espresso to the menu.

Soon the Creperie evolved again Tables changed Menu styles changed. Speed increased and the Creperie Cafe began to do deliveries. The ever increasing sales in the beginning years made the menu more stable. Since then over 20 new menu items were developed and new Specials were introduced. Some unique items have been introduced in just the last two years. Corn Beef and Brisket crepes, not to mention adding fruits like the triple berry and blueberry crepes to the offerings. Items combined with delivery allowed French Fries to be added to the menu as additional offers. Like loaded fries and Nacho Fries. Even Quesadillas have evolved From regular to BBQ and now the Jalapeno popper Quesadilla.

We love what we do and we want you to come in and try our Crepes.  They are Euro Style large crepes. We fill them with Sweet or Savoury items to make them the delicious delights for you and your family.

Thank you                  Chris Maxson              





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