Welcome to the The Creperie Café!


We love to make food that is different than anything you have had before.
Our Crepes are EURO Style large soft Crepes that have no sugar, no salt and no vanilla.
They take on the flavor of what we put in them. 

Creperies in Europe and and all around the world are like hamburger stands in the United States.
We are the only Creperie that does Crepes.. and Just Crepes every day.

They are our main food that we serve. With that being said...

Crepes can also be found at our local Farmers Markets when the weather permits.

This location was started from one of those Open air Crepe stands.
Will Loverde is a great enthusiast for Crepes and he built our location in 2010. 
Since 2013 Chris Maxson has been the owner of the Creperie.
Keeping traditional favorites and creating new crepes visions. Come see our new Daily Specials.

We serve delicious Crepes on paper plates.
(To keep with the open air market trend of serving on plates that can be taken away and recycled.)


We open daily at 10 AM 


We love our community and our connections to others.


    Sweet and Savory Crepes, Coffee,FREE WIFI,
EDWARD'S Movie Passes, Candy, 
Smoothies, Italian Sodas, Corn Dogs,
Pretzels, Energy Drinks, 
Tea and more.

    Enjoy something good before your movie!



Our address:


     7709 W Overland Road Suite 130 
    Boise Idaho 83709.


We can be found directly across from the Edwards 21 West Box office. 

    In the Spectrum shopping center right next door to N.Y. Giant Pizza.


 Winter Hours
OPEN 10-10 Fri & Sat
10-8 Sun - Thurs




Check us out on Facebookto keep up on our events and specials.


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If you are looking for our Catering or Farmer's Market Cart services:

The Creperie Mobile, check out their website or Call Will at (208)949-3536.






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